Fund services

Beaver Capital is an independent fund manager providing clients with complete outsourcing solutions and a comprehensive suite of fund services, includes registry, administration, custody and trustee services. Whether you are a boutique fund manager or an established global player, our team has the practical expertise to provide a service that supports your strategic objectives.

Fund registry

Beaver One, a Beaver Capital subsidiary, is a premium provider of professional and cost effective registry services for financial market participants in Australia. As an established operator with technical expertise in administering funds, Beaver One is committed to ensuring registers are securely maintained in accordance with all legislative and regulatory requirements.
Our registry services includes:

· Unit trust registry
· Share registry
· Enquiry management
· Anti-money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing
· Dividends and distributions
· Quarterly/monthly investor reporting

Fund administration

Beaver Capital can independently verify and accurately value fund assets as a third party, enable fund managers to focus on their core aspects of services while providing investors with added layer of protection.
Our administration services includes:

· Managing financial and accounting records
· Portfolio reconciliation and valuation
· NAV calculation
· Providing reporting packs of financial statements
· Arranging payments of operational expenses
· Preparing and lodging BAS returns
· Preparing books and records to facilitate external audit
· Preparing annual statutory accounts in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards

Custody services

Beaver Capital provides our clients with custody services to protect the assets of a managed investment against the risk of theft or loss, it is an effective way to appoint an independent custodian to systematically settlement, safekeeping and reporting a managed fund while the fund manager can focus on the fiduciary and investment of the fund. We offer a full suite custody services to assist wholesale and retail investment products.
Our custody services includes:

· Legal ownership of scheme assets
· Holding and recording cash and money market transactions in identifiable accounts
· Provision of on-line banking and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) facilities
· Making payments based on clients’ instructions including electronic funds transfers, bank cheques, RTGS and telegraphic transfers
· Receipt and recording of all custody and income maturities
· Reconciliation of bank accounts
· Holding and recording scheme title documents in secure, fire rated and scheme segregated facilities
· Execution of documents in accordance with client instructions relating to the scheme assets including leases, sale and purchase agreements, debt facilities and documents for corporate actions
· Quarterly compliance reports, confirmations of net tangible assets and asset confirmations
· Annual audit of our control environment

Trustee service

Beaver one, a Beaver Capital subsidiary, has built a reputation in Australia from more than 20 years’ experience of trustee services across a variety of trust structures and assets. As a trustee to unregistered managed investment schemes, Beaver Capital is responsible for assessing the compliance and governance of the trust and ensure the trust operations conform to its trust deed, disclosure documents and the law.
Our trustee services includes:

· Producing offer documents
· Overseeing investment decisions
· Adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements
· Custody services
· Management of external service providers
· Scheme administration
· Fund and unit accounting
· Registry services